Book Review: Going Bovine (Bray)

I think I’ll let the video sum this one up:

I didn’t even have to read the book to decide that Libba Bray is the funniest person I’ve ever read. It was just based on that video and the acknowledgments. The acknowledgments are, in my opinion, funnier than this video. However, if you do read the book, you’ll find that it’s full of weird profundity, punk-rocker angels, and the mysteries of the universe (including, yes, why does microwave popcorn taste so good). You will never look at a snow globe the same way again. Despite the fact that it’s just short of five hundred pages, I finished it in less than six hours because I could not put it down. If you’ve read A Great and Terrible Beauty and/or its companions, let me tell you that it’s rather remarkable that they were written by the same Libba Bray, but that this is pretty much everything English teachers want in the big thick books they give people to make them think, only it’s not fifty years old, it’s easier to read (understanding may require several attempts, though) and, unlike Steinbeck’s novels, which are frankly disturbing, I liked this book. ()


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