I had intended to post three new reviews today, but it seems that’s not to be. I just got back from the eye doctor, who tells me that what my regular doctor said was a stye is actually blephoritis, and it’s been getting worse because the stye medicine, besides not helping, has been irritating my eye (not the first time she has given me medicine that turns out to be worse than the original problem). This would explain why a minor, common problem for adults has evolved into something that frightens small children. Kind of like a zombie that has only just begun to rot on one part of her face.

I normally wouldn’t let a little thing like that keep me from my internets, but in addition to proscribing some sort of steroid drops, the eye doctor dilated my eyes, so the light from my computer screen hurts and I have trouble focusing on anything closer than arms’ length. Thus, please check back over the weekend. I’ll be writing those reviews as soon as I can see properly.


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